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Sweets Table Treats

Minimum Order 2 dozen 



Traditional - vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake

Premium - dulce de leche, chocolate turtle, carrot cake, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, red velvet, pineapple, guava

Cake Pops 

Traditional - vanilla, chocolate, funfetti, red velvet, strawberry, lemonade, pumpkin (S)

Premium - carrot cake, Oreo truffle, chocolate chip, chunky monkey (N), moose tracks (N), 

vanilla* (GF) 

S - seasonal

N - contains nuts

GF - gluten free. This product does not include gluten directly, however, we are not a gluten-free facility.

Chocolate Oreos 

Flavors - original or golden Oreos

French Macarons

Flavors - white chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, dulce de leche, earl grey and honey, chocolate, birthday cake, passion fruit, cookies and cream

Candy Gems

Flavors - crushed Oreos, chopped nuts, dry fruit, crushed pretzels

Dessert Shooters

Flavors - tres leches, cuatro leches, chocolate mousse, delicia de chinola (passion fruit)